NTUU "KPI" Institute of Physics and Technology

Department of Information Security


Mykola Graivoronskyi

MV Graivoronskyi

Associate Professor

Acting Head of Department

Candidate of Science (PhD), CEH, CEI


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Born in 1961 in Kyiv. In 1978 he graduated from high school and entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Faculty of Physics and Energy, Kyiv Branch). He graduated from MIPT in 1984.

Later he worked at the Institute for Problems of Materials Science of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. From 1984 to 1987 he went on to graduate school, then worked as a junior researcher, and in 1992 he defended his Ph.D. thesis.

From April 1995 he worked part-time at the Faculty of Physics and Technology (PTF), NTUU “KPI”, and from February 1996 finally transferred to NTUU “KPI” as an associate professor. Since 1999 – Associate Professor at the Department of Information Security at the Institute of Physics and Technology (IPT). From 1996 to 2003 he worked as the Deputy Dean of PTF (after the creation of IPT in 1999 – Deputy Director of IPT) in educational work. Since 2010 – Acting Head of the Scientific Laboratory of Information and Communication Systems Security of IPT NTUU “KPI”. Since 2015 – Acting Head of Information Security Department.

Academic Activity

Currently teaching the following courses:

Operating systems
Security of operating systems and computer networks

Scientific Interests

From 1982 to 1997 – transmission electron microscopy studies of the structure of metals, alloys (in particular refractory metals) and ceramic materials, the evolution of the microstructure of materials in the process of plastic deformation and heat treatment, as well as the development and application of automation methods for electron microscopy studies and analytical processing of the results.
From 1998 to the present – modern information technologies, information and communication technology security, information protection in computer systems, cyber security.

Study Materials

Information and Communication Systems Security (in Ukrainian)