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Department of Information Security

Associate Professor of the department Information Security
Mykola Graivoronskyi Ph.D., CEH
Graduated from Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology in 1984Completed post-graduate course at Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of National Academy of Sciences of UkrainePhD in Solid State Physics, 1992Since 1996 works at National Technical University of Ukraine At the moment, prepared and taught the following subjects:
  • Operating SystemsComputer NetworksSecurity of Operating Systems and Computer Networks
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Presentations at the Conference 21-23.05.2015

Presentations by professors and students of the Information security department at XIII All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduate students, and young scientists “Theoretical and Applied Problems of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics”, 21-23 of May 2015

(all materials presented in Ukrainian)



Plenary presentations

  Fundamental interactions and new physics
Pavel Nakaznoy
Published materials (PDF, 975 kB)
Presentation (PDF, 1917 kB)
  Modern approaches to provide cybersecurity
Mykola Graivoronskyi
Published materials (PDF, 350 kB)
Presentation (PDF, 913 kB)

Section “Theoretical and applied problems of mathematics and informatics”

  Implementation of reinforcement learning for control of the release of RAM
Yehor Yudin
Published materials (PDF, 376 kB)
  Modification of analytic hierarchy process by means of interval estimation
Anastasiia Drobotun, Sergei Smirnov
Published materials (PDF, 267 kB)

Section “Problems of information security in information and communication systems”

  Dynamic risks in business processes
Tatiana Ivanova, Alexander Arkhipov
Published materials (PDF, 250 kB)
Presentation (PDF, 131 kB)
  Information security system undr conditions of dynamic risks
Alexander Kireienko, Alexander Arkhipov
Published materials (PDF, 269 kB)
Presentation (PDF, 115 kB)
  Design principles and structure scheme of the automated system for analysis of binary vulnerabilities of software
Vadym Karko, Mykola Graivoronskyi
Published materials (PDF, 301 kB)
Presentation (PDF, 71 kB)
  Analysis of information security in cloud services
Мariia Shchurska, Тatiana Litvinova
Published materials (PDF, 157 kB)
Presentation (PDF, 302 kB)