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Degree designing

dyplomna_robota_spetsialnosti_pravoznavstvo_administratyvno_pravove_regulyuvanny__22573449mDegree designing is  the final stage of  training specialists. Implementation of a diploma thesis is a first substantive step of a future specialist, when a right of a final choice of engeneering and technical solutions and a responcibility for their decision belongs to the author – diploma student. Report on the topic of a thesis and its defence, as one of the main forms of state attestation of students are important steps in a studies of a student in a state university.

Main task of degree designing is a training of a student for independent creative engineering, scientific work on areas “Informational security” and “Applied mathematics” basing on a knowledge and skills, acquired during university studies.

It should again be emphasised, that diploma thesis is an independent work of a student. For all graduate diploma thesis technical and economical solutions and , also, correctness and reasonability of calculations and grapchical works is responsible a student – the author of diploma thesis.


The list of instructors, scientific advisors, student diploma thesis topics for making diploma work:

Files, needed for graduate design:

Statement on

Structure of diploma work folder

Requirement for the diploma thesis appearance (template)

For bachelors:

A booklet

Methodical recommendations

For specialists:

A booklet

Methodical recommendations

For masters:

A booklet

Methodical recommendations